Whitchurch Fencing Club

O'Sullivan Cup

   - Rules, Regulations, Conditions, and Exclusions

    Poule unique.  Each match is typically for three single hits.   Competitors are put into groups of around 4.   After fencing each other in their own "team", the group then fence each other "team" in turn.

    (The Organisers reserve the right to alter the format, or to introduce a second round, as required, in the light of the number of entrants and/or the progress through the bouts during the competition.)

    One minute per single hit.   There is no time warning (eg no warning at 50 seconds).   Bouts which reach the time limit are taken as a "double defeat", ie both fencers score 0.

    Don’t count, and are ignored; play then resumes from the same position – ie no return to the en garde line.   A double hit at 60 seconds is counted as a "double defeat", ie both fencers score 0.

    Competitors are asked to select a President and a Timekeeper from those not fencing in that bout within their group.   Fencers should check their scores on the completed score sheet, before it is handed in at the end of the round.

    Competitors are reminded that crossing the end of piste line with both feet means a hit for their opponent.

    Competitors are asked to test their weapons with the gauges provided, before first using them.   There is no need for a retest, unless the weapon is subsequently re-assembled or re-built during the competition.

    The organisers reserve the right to re-allocate the prizes, in the absence of sufficient competitors, as appropriate.

    1. Competitors are personally responsible for making sure their clothing and equipment is safe, and conforms to the relevant FIE & WF / BFA rules.

    2. It is a condition of entry that competitors, and others attending, accept that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage sustained at the competition, howsoever caused.

    Competitors are responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate level of membership of Welsh Fencing / British Fencing, or an equivalent body.   Absence of current membership may result in exclusion from the competition.

    Entry to the competition is at the discretion of the organisers.   Inappropriate, anti-social, or unsafe activity may result in exclusion from the event.   Note that in the event of over-subscription, the organisers reserve the right to restrict numbers, as necessary.

    During the competition photographs may be taken by the Competition Organisers. These are purely for the purpose of promoting Fencing, and the O’Sullivan Cup.   As far as possible, flash equipment will not be used.  

    Any questions regarding the running of the competition, should be referred to the Competition Organisers, whose decision is final.

BFA Competition rules

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