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O'Sullivan Cup 2022 - COVID Restrictions

In view of the COVID pandemic, various government guidelines on Organised Sport, and other activities, are in force, and certain restrictions may apply.  The following rules, based on WF & BFA guidance, will apply to the competition.

  1. Symptoms
    Do not attend if you have any of the well-known COVID-19 system (dry cough, tiredness and fever - NB this is not an exhaustive list)   OR   if you have a bad cough or cold   OR   generally feel unwell.

  2. Pre-Session Health Check
    Please hand your completed 'Pre-Session Health Check& Agreement To Conditions' to a Competition Official on arrival.

  3. Track & Trace
    All participants are asked to supply contact number, or other suitable means of contact.  Records will be held by the Organisers for 21 days.)

  4. Hand Sanitiser
    Please use the disinfectant Hand Sanitiser provided, on arrival.

  5. Kitbag(s)
    Please deposit kitbags in the allocated area(s).

  6. Clothing
    Participants should arrive in the Salle ‘kitted up’. Changing rooms & toilet facilities are on the Ground Floor.

  7. Spectators - should be kept to a minimum (1 per entrant, exceptionally 2 for u18s), and should maintain social distance from other participants/spectators.

  8. Face masks - should be worn by all when not fencing, with the exception of the Competition Organisers when making announcements and/or giving advice, and Referees when presiding a bout.
    Mask exemption - In the case of participants/spectators who are 'mask exempt', they should mention this to one of the Competition Organisers at the first opportunity, and be prepared to display their exemption badge, when not fencing.

  9. Poules - fencers waiting to fence should maintain social distancing as far as possible.

  10. No physical interaction - (eg corps à corps) during fencing bouts, or at any time.

  11. No handshaking - after a bout, or at any time.

  12. Medal Ceremonies - will be socially distanced, with no handshaking or physical interaction between the medal ceremony participants.

  13. Post-event
    Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must contact the Competition Organisers as soon as possible.

Risk Assessment : a formal Risk Assessment has been made for this competition, which is available to Participants on application.

Disclaimer : please see the general BFA Disclaimer, which applies.

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