Whitchurch Fencing Club

Club Novices & Improvers competition - 28th November 2023

A busy evening for the club, as 9 Novices & Improvers fought it out. The format was a Poule Unique, 5 hits, 3 minutes max per bout, and scoring against 'Total Hits Scored', with club coaches Michael & Steve as Referees.

A high standard of fencing was evident.  As with all Poules Unique, you don't know the winner to the end, but the "apparent lead" - as viewed by those watching ... - changed hands, several times, with strong performances by Adrian, Elizabeth, and Nadia.  Consistenty turning in good performances throughout the event was Tif, the winner, with a total of 35 hits scored.

Well done also to our youngest entrant, Niamh aged 14, and thanks to all the contestants for willing taking part in such a brisk competion at this stage in their fencing careers

Thanks also to coaches Paul & Dave for helping setting up, and with the refereeing, too.

Next week, the Club Championship competition !

Full listing

Club Novices & Improvers competition 2023 - Group photo
Name Hits scored Placing
Tif 35 1
Adrian 34 2
Elizabeth 33 3eq.
Nadia 33 3 eq.
Ioan 30 5
Ben 28 6
Niamh 27 7
Sue 25 8
Janice 24 9

Club Championship competition